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My name is Liz Patterson-Schum. I am a Certified Geriatric Care Manager/Aging Life Care Professional™, and the owner of Care Options For Seniors, LLC.

I know how challenging it can be to oversee the care of an aging loved one. An unexpected medical event may occur, confusion may begin to surface, or your loved one's living situation has you concerned. It's easy to feel worried and overwhelmed, with conflicting feelings of frustration and guilt. Knowing what to do and when to do it can be difficult.

I focus on solutions. With almost 4 decades of professional experience working with older adults and their family, I will carefully listen to what's important to you, assess the situation, and provide all available options. I will guide you every step along the way so that you will not be alone in  the process.

Allow me to partner with you so that I can help alleviate your fears and frustration by providing the highest level of professional expertise. I invite you to contact me, so that we can begin.