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You're not sure if your loved one can continue to live safely in their
own home . Can they stay at home or do they need  placement in a
facility? You want to know the best options.

Your loved one may be confused and their behaviors may be difficult
to manage. You would like guidance and direction on how to

You're thinking about moving a loved one in or out of the Rochester
area but you're not sure where to go and how to make it happen.

You have time constraints or you live out of the area. You need
someone to attend medical appointments on your behalf  so that the
right questions can be asked and you are updated on results.

Your loved one is in a hospital, Assisted Living facility or Nursing
Home. You need an advocate who will work with healthcare
providers to make sure that your loved one receives the best care

You are "burnt out". You've tried to do the right thing, provide the
best care possible but you're running into road blocks or you feel
overwhelmed. Your personal life, family or work is being affected.

     Things are going as well as can be expected right now, but you fear
          what's around the corner. You would like a backup plan...just in case.


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